7th April – 20th May – Moscow

7th April 2014

I have contacted a few people to see if they would be interested in working in a group as I think this will be the safest option in a foreign city rather then doing individual projects. We will now carry out some research into Russia to see what type of project we would like to do.

http://goeasteurope.about.com/od/moscowtravel/a/Moscow-Travel-Tips.htm – Some travel tips


http://www.kftv.com/country/Russia/guide/production-guide – film information

29th April 2014

We travelled to Moscow on Monday, which took most of the day due to the time distance and travelling from Coventry to London, then to Russia. We walked to the Red Square, taking pictures along the way. There were 8 of us (Sarah, Lucy, Declan, Holly, Karan, Konrad, Kieran and me.) Once there, we took pictures of all the famous buildings around the square then went to the back of Saint Basils to take some more, we then bought tickets to inside St Basil’s and took some more photos inside.722014-04-29 08.37.44


We then split off into smaller groups, so me Holly, Konrad and Kieran went off into the Kremlin to look around and get some more photos.

10122014-04-29 11.36.34


2014-04-29 10.40.09                                       2014-04-29 11.17.35

After this we travelled back to Red Square, but went a different way. We wanted to get some more photos of the front of St Basils as the sun had been in the wrong position earlier in the day, unfortunately the square was closed due to preparations for the 1st May festival, so we were unable to get this.


Then we walked back through Gum, the shopping centre and headed back to the hotel.

30th April 2014

We stuck to smaller groups on this day because it was easier to get the pictures we wanted and took less time. We travelled back to red square, but walked to bolshoi theatre and went to the streets around this area, which seemed like a good place to shop, if you are rich.



2014-04-30 08.55.442014-04-30 08.19.36

After this we went to Gum shopping centre to take some photos as it was beautiful inside.

212014-04-30 09.09.50

And then went to try and find a train Holly had found in her tour guide book. The train was called Aquarelle (watercolour) and ran on the red line. It was designed to look like an art museum, so while passengers are seated along one side, the other has framed photos with lights above them. The train has been running since 2007, and was designed to “remind adults riding the train of the child-like sense of discover art can bring” Unfortunately, after staying at the station for an hour, we did not see the train.

http://www.atlasobscura.com/places/aquarelle-train-on-the-moscow-metro (RachelEricGrundhauserinksplatter

1st May 2014

On Thursday afternoon, Holly, Konrad, Esme, Elizabeth and I travelled to the Christ the Redeemer Cathedral, this gave us a good chance to see another part of Russia and get some more photographs. The Cathedral was very impressive and bigger then St Basil. The grounds surrounding the Cathedral are equally impressive and well kept. We got to go inside the Cathedral, but no photos were allowed to be taken, which was a shame as it was breathtakingly beautiful inside.


We then travelled over the pedestrianised bridge to meet with the other for lunch, but could not find them. We took some more photographs in a lovely area, which had clubs and bars that looked quite expensive.

2nd May 2014

We travelled to a strip that was supposed to be good for shopping, but couldn’t find much there, so decided to head back to Red Square, where a member of the group informed us there was an underground shopping centre. We travelled on the metro again, but saw a lot grander stations, so stopped a few times to get some photos



5th – 9th May 2014 – Photo editing

I started to look through my photos, deleting ones that weren’t quite right, this was determined by focus, exposure and things in the actual photo that were just not good enough. Out of the 531 photos taken, I ended up with around 48 photos that were potentially good enough after editing. Below are examples.

2014-04-29 07.38.242014-04-29 10.42.162014-04-29 08.09.23

After looking through the remaining 48 photos the following day, I made another folder of second cut photos, this had roughly around 31 photos in it. The 17 photos that didn’t make it were ones that looked good at first glance, but after going through in more detail weren’t as impressive. Below are examples of pictures that didn’t make the cut.

15 – This picture didn’t fit in with the other pictures I had chosen. I felt it was too obvious and there are so many tourist pictures of the buildings in Moscow, I wanted mine to stand out from the rest.

28– I could tell that this picture had been zoomed in to capture the top of the building. Although this picture fit in with the rest, I felt the framing was off and the whole building would have made for a better image.

13 – This image took me a long time to decide whether I liked it or not. I have a very similar image, where the subway is empty of people, so decided to use that one instead, as I feel the people in this picture distract the viewer from the beautiful colours and symmetry of the photo, this is just my opinion however, so I will show both this and the empty photo to friends and colleagues to hear their thoughts on which is better.

6 This picture was too bland, not enough was going on and too much of the wall is seen.

After making the second cut of photos, I started to edit the ones that made it. 31 photos was still too many however, so I edited it down further. This time picking my own favourites or ones that just stood out a bit more from the rest. Below are my remaining 7 photos, before editing.



36 14

23Walking man


These may be cut down again depending on editing and how they look as a group. Most of the photos are One Point Perspective shots as this is something I wanted to experiment with, I like how they all go together. All of the images, accept the working man photo with the colourful windows and the last photo of the alleyway are to do with transport. I think this is a good theme as Russia is so famous for its metro system and subways.


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