264MC – Week 4

We pitched both of our ideas in our production meeting, and the lecturers helped us decided which we should take forward from this point. There were also a few issues with the storyline, so we have also changed a few details. Below is the outline of the story, which we will now turn into a synopsis and script.

Homeless man watches house > breaks in, we see family are on holiday > goes in search of clothes > opens wrong room (sons room) > gets the clothes bag from main bedroom > sees a photo with eyes scratched out > goes back into sons rooms > leaves same photo, from his pocket (his copy of it) (audience realise he is the son in the photos father).

First Assistant Job Research:


The First Assistant Director (1st AD) is the Director’s right hand person, taking responsibility for a number of important practicalities so that the Director is free to concentrate on the creative process.  During pre-production, First ADs break down the script into a shot-by-shot storyboard, and work with the Director to determine the shoot order, and how long each scene will take to film.  They then draw up the overall shooting schedule (a timetable for the filming period).  Once the film is in production, Firsts are in charge of making sure that every aspect of the shoot keeps to this schedule.

First ADs’ main duties are assisting the Director, co-ordinating all production activity, and supervising the cast and crew.  Overall, they provide the key link between the Director, the cast and the crew, whilst also providing regular progress reports about the shoot.

When drawing up the shooting schedule, First ADs must also be aware of budgetary constraints, cast availability and script coverage.  Preparing the storyboard, overseeing the hiring of locations, props and equipment, and checking weather reports, are all key pre-production duties for Firsts.  During production, they must ensure that everyone is on standby and ready for the Director’s cue for action.

First ADs’ core responsibility is to keep filming on schedule by driving it forward, so they frequently make announcements and give directions to co-ordinate the cast and crew.  They also control discipline on the set, supervise the other Assistant Directors, and oversee the preparation of the daily ‘call sheet’ (a document detailing daily shooting logistics, which is distributed to all cast and crew).  Firsts are also responsible for health and safety on set or location, and must take action to eliminate or minimise hazards at all times.

First ADs must be authoritative team-leaders and motivators, whilst also being approachable team players.  They need exceptional organisational and time-management skills.  The ability to plan ahead, trouble-shoot and pay close attention to detail is vital in this role.  Being an excellent communicator, with tact and diplomacy skills, is also essential as they must routinely deal with problem or even crisis situations.  They must also constantly prioritise tasks, and may be frequently interrupted, the ability to multi-task is crucial.  Firsts work long and often unsocial hours on a freelance basis, so a strong commitment to the job is essential.  As they also usually work under highly pressurised and stressful conditions, a flexible and positive approach is highly valued.

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