264MC – Week 2

From these, the ideas we liked best were numbers:

1). set slightly in the past to allow time for the veteran to be alive, he still believes in his mind that the War is still on. He ventures out one day with his walking stick in a 20 minutes journey across the park. In his mind theres a battle, a trauma. In the end he dies.

3). The Last Post is the name of a pub. A few young men are talking and making racist comments, saying how they want to sign up to shoot “pakis.” An old man sits alone in the corner looking very upset, he has a WW1 medal on his coat. (We could either leave this open to interpretation or do flashbacks of his time in the war)

and  8). come across a missing letter that was never sent over (a letter is found possibly in a bottle from a soldier during the war trying to get the message out that the war is bad or possibly to a loved one).

We pitched these ideas to a lecturer and a few fellow students, they felt the letter idea was the strongest and could be worked on more to create a stronger story. We will take all feedback into consideration when deciding on our final idea to pitch for next week.

We looked over our ideas, trying to narrow them down to 3, this was our process:

1) The abandoned house:

This idea was based around an object being found, originally it was set in a woodland area, with two children exploring. They then come across something unfamiliar or unusual, this could be a set of photos, a key, a football with blood on etc. The children begin to fight about whether they should tell an adult about this object or whether they should explore further. After many discussions, the idea began to change and develop, we had a look at our second  idea and felt we could combine the two to create a better narrative.

2) The Letter:

A letter is delivered at somebodies house, either by a person or in the mail. The letter includes and address and a meeting time. It also has a date, which was from the first world war. The girl who received this letter decides to investigate, so goes to the address and starts to uncover what this letter was about.

3) Hybrid Idea:

After we had looked at both ideas, we came up with a third idea: A letter is found by a homeless person in a suburban area. It is written by a child, going to war. She writes in an innocent way, as if she is unsure of the situation and doesn’t know what will happen. Potential locations would be an abandoned house or a woodland area.

4) The Journey:

We looked at idea 3 but felt this story wasn’t clear enough and was a bit unrealistic, so we decided on the following:

A homeless man wanders the streets, extremely edgy as his post-traumatic stress is causing him distress. He hears sounds from his time in the war, car doors become gun shots, babies screaming become dying allies. In an attempt to escape, he breaks into a nearby house and starts to rummage around the house. He is looking for food and valuables but comes across a letter on the fridge, written by a child to his Father fighting in the war. Attached to the letter is a home-made war badge, with it saying “hero”. The homeless man then starts to overcome his problem thanks to the letter and returns home to his family.

After we had picked our final idea, we began to do logistical and contextual research:

Homelessness and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Character profile

Research on children letters

Festival Research




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