260 Competitor Research

After discussing all three of my ideas with Pete, we both decided the third idea would be the most creative and innovative. The main idea is to mix the already existing geocaching experience with modern day twists, like videos and websites. Now I need to do some research into existing projects like this. Pete gave me a few starting points.

Nine Inch Nails – Year Zero

Nine Inch Nails are an American band, who were founded in 1988 by Trent Reznor. Year Zero is the name of their 2007 album, released two years after White Teeth. Year Zero is a concept album, concentrating on the United States Government’s policies, and how they will impact the world 15 years into the future from the release of the album. (2022) An alternate reality game was an add on to the Year Zero concept, expanding on the storyline. Fans who had bought tour t-shirts found that some letters were bigger then others. When they put these letters together, it spelled I am trying to believe, which was revealed to be an actual website, from here, more and more websites were found, 30 in total. On each website was a snippet of what Trent Reznor thought the world of 2022 would be like, giving fans a new and exclusive insight into the world of their idol and the world of the possible future.


Geocaching is a fun outdoor activity perfect for families to take part in. The idea is that people can go to places around the world and look for hidden treasures. They are usually placed in a tin box with a log book, a pen/pencil and trade items, which people can add to the box for the next set of people to find. This happens all over the world, with a network of 6 million people. This has been going on for 150 years and has been developing along the way. They have tried to bring it into the 21st century by adding an app, with GPS, which leads the user to a geocache co-ordinate. I think this is a brilliant idea and something a lot of people my age don’t really know about. I think this idea can be re-developed into something a lot more interactive, with videos and codes to use on mobile devices, this could become more of a treasure hunt from place to place which could solve a mystery or give exclusive content to the people involved.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 16.55.27Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 16.58.46

The first image is of the whole of Britain. The green dots indicate geocaching locations, proving that there are many. The second is a close up look at the ring road in Coventry, with around 100 geocaching spots seen. This image surprised me as I didn’t know the geocaching community was so vast. I feel this is the perfect market to sell my newer method of geocaching to.


“Heading out? Foursquare helps you and your friends make the most of where you are. Join the over 35 million people who are already on Foursquare. Download the free app now!” Foursquare (Date unknown)

Foursquare is an app that connects with local areas, telling people where is best to go or what attractions are in that area. People can put up their comments on a certain place and it comes up in a map layout, with pinpoints on things specific to your search.


“SCVNGR is a game about going places, doing challenges and earning points. You’ll discover cool new places to go, find fun new things to do and share your activity with your friends. Now with over 12,000 places offering rewards just for playing SCVNGR there!” Svngr (Date unknown)

It uses the GPS on your phone to find your location, then comes up with a list of places near this location. You can add friends and earn badges and rewards as well as seeing who’s used the app in the last 12 hours. This app is very similar to the one above, but this is with little exploration on my part. This app links in perfectly with my geocaching/treasure hunt idea.

Ghosts in the Garden

“Rediscover the Georgian Pleasure Gardens of Bath via game, soundscape and ‘Georgian Listening Device’.” Ghosts in the Garden (Date unknown)

I absolutely loved this concept and idea of bringing history to life but in a fun, interactive way. This is how I would like my idea to end up, but instead of one park across a whole city, with videos and pictures as well as soundscapes…



“Fortnight is a two-week long, fully immersive, experience based in the interactions and communications of daily life. Up to 200 participants sign up to receive messages that are sent to their mobile phones, email, and home address; these messages contain a series of poetic nudges that encourage those participating to question their sense of place. Participants also receive daily invitations to visit locations throughout their city where they can pause to reflect on what it means to be here now.” Fortnight (Date Unknown)

Fortnight is an event happening in Coventry around the end of March. It sounds very similar to my idea, but unfortunately this module finishes on March 6th, so attending this event would not help me learn anything to include in my own project. This is why I think it would be a good idea if I emailed this company to ask some questions about the project, how they got it organised, how long it took to get organised, what type of audience they are looking at, how they have marketed and distributed this idea and why they have added a £20 fee. This project was created by Proto-type theatre, who are involved in live performances.

London Street Games


“It’s what it says on the tin – a chance to get out and have some fun in the enormous playground that is London. London Street Games aims to provide a number of interactive puzzle-based live-action games, each themed and structured differently, to give you and your friends hours of active leisure. Our games may feature immersive play, gadgets and apps, competition, treasure hunting and a variety of transport types. All are aimed at adults and some will be suitable for children to join in with too.” London Street Games (Date unknown)

This is a really exciting opportunity in London, I will email this company, asking when there next Saturday event is and also if they have any spaces available for work experience, as this is something that sounds very exciting, new and up my street. They may also be interested in helping me with my project in Coventry, as they already have experience at doing it. Here is the email:

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 13.58.55

Unlock the 007 in you!

This was a really cool advertising technique, which combined the new 007 film with Coke Zero. It involved people in a train station taking part in a 70 second adventure, with obstacles along the way. This is inspiring to me and a genius way to advertise. Everyone involved look so intent on getting to the end, like they were actually a bond agent, which is exactly how I want people to respond to my project. I liked the use of live-action actors and actresses and think this can work very well in connecting with the player..

The timing in this was perfect, with the violinist kicking the song off right as the timer starts to count down, creating this sense of action, and then soon after the beat boxers kicking in, again, adding this layer of excitement and action we associate with films. The timers were also good, so the person involved knew how long they had left, which would push them into moving quicker. I liked how the actress towards the start spoke to them all using their names, as this is something quite personal but something they all gave out at the beginning, without really realising it would be used in this way. The ending was also good, how they got the people involved to sing the theme tune, which is something people are normally quite shy about. It’s amazing what lengths people will go to to win some tickets.

This is another element I need to consider, will my audience be receiving anything for their participation? Or will I be asking them to pay ME for their participation?

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek are a company which create fun and unique games for people to play in public spaces. They started in 2007 and have worked with the BBC, Warner Bros, Film 4, Ebay and many more. They do things from apps to live events to games people can play with friends.

A Game of Crowns


A game of crowns is a game recently put together by Hide and Seek and some other companies. It is taken from the 1966 month long Christmas party held by King William 3rd. It was a way to bring those games played to the 21st century and make them immersive and interactive. You could tell by the way they spoke in the video that this project was flawlessly researched and planned, they knew their audience and the behaviour of their audience, which helped them create the games.

Treasures: The Hunt


This was a treasure hunt project in London which celebrated the Natural History Museums treasure gallery. People travelled the city of London looking for extinct animals, once they had found them they could scribble in a collection jar, which revealed the animal. This was a very traditional treasure hunt project, which stayed true to the original ways. There was no technology involved, just a clear explanation of what was needed and a sense of adventure.


Enact was a location based experience played with a mobile device. It ran in 2012 by a company called Ludic Rooms. They were given a set theme, which was “Peace and Reconciliation” and this was strong throughout the project. They had a set brand, with the main colours being pink and purple and used this throughout their project in hand outs given to the players. This made it easier to spot the token around town, as the people knew what colours to look for. My theme is Fogotten Stories of WW1, so I need to ensure my colours and brand reflect this, as well as making it run throughout the project on the trailer and posters and on the day on the maps and tokens. This means doing research into which fonts might work best and which colours will best demonstrate what the day is about.

Everyone was given a map, which is crucial when running a location based project, as people from outside of town may not know where they’re going. On the back of the map there were brief descriptions of the challenges, which just helps people understand what might happen next and adds a layer of interest and curiosity to the project. I definitely need a map when doing my project. I also need to think carefully about the areas I pick and why I have picked them. I will do some research into the best places to visit in Coventry and why they would be good for my project.

They are shown the token at the beginning of the project, which will help them recognise it around the town and are also given a passport to help document their journey. They are given a postcard at the end of the project which includes the tweets and photos they used whilst taking part in the challenges. This is a nice thing to remember the day by and remember the company by, as well as advertising the project to more people. I need to think about a way I could do this with my project. I could play with the idea of a ration book or something strongly linked to the war.

Playable City

Playable City was a scheme run last year that helped to turn the city of Bristol into something that could be interactive and fun for the citizens that live there. All applicants had to fill in the below cover sheet and there was also an optional application form applicants could fill in.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 21.43.37

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 21.43.48

These ideas were then shortlisted to 10 of the best, which were all very different in their approach to the brief.. These 10 ideas were then judged by a panel of industry judges at the forefront of art, culture, media and technology. The winning idea was Hello Lamp Post.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 21.49.34

One that links in closely with my idea is Jolly Brolly Mystery. (http://www.watershed.co.uk/playablecity/2013/shortlist/jolly-brolly/)

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 21.50.15

This is a murder mystery which would take place all over the city. When it rains, a “Clue Box” will be launched in a different location around the city. These clue boxes will give the player a clue to, which will help in solving the mystery. The brollies have a GPS device in, so as you pass through different areas of the city, you can check in and collect points. This idea was thought through very well, it sounds intriguing and exciting, with enough going on to entertain someone for a whole day. It is also a good way to make the rain seem less dull and depressing.


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