260 Primary and Audience Research

Nesta toolkit

“Our enterprise resource toolkit contains tried and tested methods for teaching enterprise skills to creative individuals who are thinking about setting up a business.” Nesta

This is a guide to help new businesses take off, it include worksheets which help you think about what will make this business a success. I will use the Your Customers worksheet once I have completed some more research.

Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising helps you see if there is an audience for your product. You don’t have to complete the advert, but it gives a rough estimation of who, on Facebook, has interests in that area.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 12.40.41

Google search tools

Google search tool works in the same way as the Facebook advertising

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 12.42.36

Instead of getting over 5 million results, you can narrow these down to specific areas, to see how long it has been since someone last searched or updated a page that would link in with your idea.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 12.43.00

Surveys  and demographics

Demographics means statistical data relating to the population and particular groups within it. This can be split into class (working, upper, lower, middle), and socio ecological profiling.

Class is based around Class, Race, Age, Sex (gender), Sexuality and Handicapped. This helps us to see groups of people in a more factual way.

Socio ecological profiling is based more around peoples interests.

The segmentation criteria include:

The 4 main stages of life cycle

Dependent: mainly under 24 living at home

Pre-family: under 35s who have established their own household, but without children

Family: couples under 65 with one or more children in the household

Late: adults whose children have left home or who are over 35 and childless

Income groups (only under Family and Late groups above)

Better off

Worse off

Occupation groups (refer to the socio-economic groups defined by NRS)

White (collar) – or the A, B and C1 social groups (i.e., Upper middle class, Middle class, and Lower middle class)

Blue (collar) – or the C2, D and E social groups (i.e., Skilled working class, Working class, and Those at lowest level of subsistence)


The scheme thus generates 24 groups of households.

Now that I have a clearer idea on my innovation, I can start to carry out research that will help me target my product at a certain audience. I will need to give surveys out to people who are usually involved in the geocaching community of Coventry and see if they would be open to this new geocaching experience. I can also the general population of Coventry to see if a new audience that might be of a younger age could be made.

Once I know my audience, I can start to think about how to get my idea marketed and distributed, as well as what software and content the idea will need to include.

There are so many online questionnaire sites I found straight away by simple typing ‘online questionnaire’ into google. The first being https://www.surveymonkey.com followed by a whole list of others, including: https://www.quicksurveys.comhttp://www.keysurvey.co.ukhttp://freeonlinesurveys.comhttp://www.surveyshaker.com/shaker and https://drive.google.com. I am going to look at these sites to see which will be best for me to use when creating an online survey. I also need to consider a site that will allow surveys to be printed, so I can ask more people in my local area face to face.

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey can either be used as a free survey maker or a  premium account which has access to more in depth survey making tools. I have sent a query off about finding an audience for my project and hope to hear back within the next few hours about how much this might cost and how I go about finding my audience.

Toluna Quick Survey

This site can be free, but to get online responses from “millions of global respondents” it will cost differently depending on the different elements in the survey. These are how many questions you ask, how many responses you want and how many target-specific demographic groups you choose. The pricing is credit-based, with 1 credit costing 20p, this can buy you 1 question and 1 response. Say your survey has 5 questions and you want 500 responses. That’s 5 x 500 = 2,500 credits, which would cost £500, which is pretty darn expensive for a student! Therefore I don’t think this website will be good for the type of survey I am looking for.

World App Key Survey

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 11.04.25

This site looks very professional and complicated to use just by looking at the home page. It also looks very expensive, but there is a 30 day free trial which would be perfect for the length of my project. After watching a small video about World App, I don’t think this site will be suitable for the type of survey and responses I need, they seem to be about big companies dealing with people in charge of Accounts, Legal issues and Global Sales.

Free Online Surveys

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 11.19.37

This is, obviously, a free survey and the website looks very convincing. Because it is free, there isn’t an option for other users to respond to your survey so all responses will have to be completed by people I know, which means I may not get a big enough response. This is a possible website, I will need to find out if it can be easily adapted to a printed version as well as an online version.

Survey Shaker

Survey Shaker has different prices for different budgets, there is a free option, with basic questionnaire defaults, lacking some of the more advanced features. But even the prices are acceptable, starting at £20 for a months service, which is all I would need to complete my survey.


Google drive allows you to make surveys the same as all the other sites, but using your google account details. Like all the other free survey making softwares, you cannot get responses through the website but have to collect them yourself. It does give good layouts for surveys and the layout changes if you want to print the survey, making it look better on both digital and paper forms. The only issue with this however is that all questions have to be thought up by yourself, whereas with sites likes survey monkey, they give you templates and commonly asked questions, making it a lot easier to think of questions relevant to your survey.

After looking into all the different survey websites, I have decided to go with Survey Monkey as I think it will be the most helpful for my questionnaire. However, I may make another survey in GoogleDrive which is exactly like my survey monkey questionnaire so I can print this and go door to door and try and get more responses.

I now need to think about what question I am trying to answer with my survey, what am I trying to identify? I think the main question I will be trying to answer is how many people in the Coventry area would be interested in a community based technology controlled project.

I will need to ask what age group people taking my survey fit into, so I know who my audience will be and also if they are male or female. I will ask if they have attended events in Coventry, what they think is missing from Coventry’s event scene and if they are interested in my project, just by a simple statement at the start of the questionnaire.

Questionnaire Results


I received a few results from my online questionnaire, and now need to analyse them to see who would be interested in this project. Having only received 21 replies, my analysis will be limited.

Question 1 was asking how many people would be interested in my project after reading this description:

“Discover Coventry is a very new innovation,which is set right in the centre of Coventry. It involves community participation to solve tasks, and find clues that will lead to the next task. You will be given a date time and meeting place, and from there will try and discover the secrets of Coventry’s past.”

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 17.39.36As seen in the table above, most people (38%) replied with very interested. Only 5% with extremely interested and 19% with not at all interested. This means there is definitely an immediate interest in my project, but not from everyone. There was only 1 person in the 40-49 age group that said they were very interested, and the remaining 7 in the 18-20 age group. This means that mostly teenagers of a similar age are interested in my idea. This is slightly unfair however, as 62% of people answering my survey were 18-20.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 17.52.35

The ratio of males to females answering my survey was 40:60, with 2 males and 5 females saying they were very interested in the project.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 17.52.35

I next asked how often people attended events in the Coventry area. Nobody said extremely often, but my results came out quite close, with Moderately Often and Not at all Often both equalling 23%. The highest percent of people said that they attended events slightly often. (33%).

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 18.06.04

I also asked how strong the sense of community was in Coventry.  For the last three sections, my results were the same, with only the first to giving me more information about my audience. Nobody felt the sense of community was extremely strong in Coventry, and only 14% felt it was quite strong. This means people either do not hear about things going on in Coventry or the people in Coventry are unapproachable and do not want to take part in these sorts of events.

I asked what type of events people would attend in Coventry and got some very good feedback:

  1. “Treasure hunts, outdoor activities, meeting people with similar interests to mine”
  2. “Music festivals, sports events, historical events”
  3. “Historical, music”
  4. “Football, music”
  5. “Geocaching, arts and music events”
  6. “Art exhibitions, themed meeting with like minded individuals etc”
  7. “exhibitions – anything as long as it’s fun and interesting”
  8. “Theatre, art and media related.”
  9. “Scavenger hunts and different little things like that.”
  10. “Gigs”
  11. “Music Festivals”
  12. “music”

So, although most people put music events, there was a lot of interest in art events or scavenger hunts, which is very positive and clearly shows there is an audience for my project.

I then asked why people didn’t attend events in Coventry, and they came back with very mixed views:

  1. “I’m not really interested in the events that are currently held in Coventry.”
  2. “Coventry put on poor events”
  3. “dont like the people”
  4. “There aren’t too many really interesting and completely different activities. They are all standard events which you can go to a different city to attend, and possibly enjoy more!”
  5. “No enough info, I rarely hear about anything that goes on in Coventry”
  6. “What events?”
  7. “Moved away from Coventry.”
  8. “Time restraints”
  9. “I don’t really know of many”

This shows me that a lot of people are just not aware of the events held in Coventry, this may be because the events are not targeted at them, but due to the majority of people who are very interested in my idea, this shows me they would be a good group to target. A lot of people also commented that they are not interested in the events currently held in Coventry, but said that they are interested in my idea, proving that there is a market of people wanting to take part in my project. I particularly like the comment “There aren’t too many really interesting and completely different activities. They are all standard events which you can go to a different city to attend, and possible enjoy more!” This instantly made me think that my project needs to be very entertaining and engaging, as well as well publicised and specific to the city of Coventry, so my audience cannot get this experience anywhere else.

A conversation with an industry professional

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 14.00.26

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 14.00.47

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 14.02.42

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 14.04.10

Having received this information, I now know a trailer would be the best way for me to spread my project to a wider audience and also to help explain it in a way that will excite and intrigue viewers. I could also contact local newspapers and radio stations, to see if they would let their readers/listeners know about my project, and give out a link to the trailer. It is important to start advertising as early as possible, so people have this project already in their minds months before it takes place. After slowly introducing people into the project, with posters around the city centre, about a month before the project takes place I will announce it on radios and in newspapers and release the trailer.

Feedback from Dom (23/1/14)

I pitched this idea to Dom, who gave me some more useful sites and information to look at, these were things like FourSquare, Scvngr, Gowalla and Burn Note.

Feedback from Steve (3/2/14)

After further research, I told my idea to Steve who felt the idea wasn’t original enough and was too similar to other games already available. He said to think back to what the core point my idea is trying to make, which was going from one place to another and bringing communities together. I thought of other ideas like something to do with a pub crawl or a shopping guide for women, but felt this completely deterred from my passion for bringing people together to share in an experience, so decided I would make my idea original by the story the audience will be discovering. If I can make the story unique, interesting and engaging, this will make my idea different to others of its kind.

Feedback from Dom (10/2/14)

After making my video pitch, Dom watched it and gave me lots of useful tips and ways to improve my idea. He mentioned doing Alpha and Beta prototypes as a way to get proper audience responses, he gave me links to similar project and a research paper which will help me think about my audience more. He also commented on my video pitch:

“Obviously this is a subject close to my heart. Your pitch is strong and well illustrated. You are right that this, to a certain degree, has been done before, but only the platform (in the loosest possible sense). You really need to start thinking about the story you will be telling. What are the challenges? Why are you challenging people to do that? What will they learn and why?

I absolutely agree with your approach, technology can be a fantastic enabler to allow communication and sharing in the real world, not just ‘virtually’ but you need to back that up with evidence. Good work so far, keep going.”

Here are the notes I took down in this feedback session:
  • Hide and seek
  • Enact – academic research paper
  • Playable city
  •  For inspiration:
  • tedex youtube (search street games)
  • seth priebatch – south by southwest game layer
  • Drematurgy – helps shape the story
  • Participation expert/consultant
  • Vimeo.com/ludicrooms
  • https://vimeo.com/43787835 – Enact
  • Look at WW1 stories
  • Find other companies that are doing funding for WW1
  • Get free sim and do texting from that
  • Prototype – good way to get audience feedback, do at least an alpha test.
  • Iterative process – multiple iterations of the same thing – make a version test it. repeat
  • Make trailer


http://www.nesta.org.uk/publications/creative-enterprise-toolkit. Last accessed 15th Jan 2014

https://www.surveymonkey.com. Last accessed 19th Jan 2014

https://www.quicksurveys.com. Last accessed 19th Jan 2014

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http://www.fortnightproject.com/about/faq/. Last accessed 1st Feb 2014

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