260 Idea Development

Looking through the suggested innovation ideas on the brief has helped me to think of a few ideas:





After looking at these ideas, I felt the first one was innovative enough, so decided to leave that one and try to work on developing the other three.

Idea One:

Alternate routes. YOU decide what happens. Which road will the character take? What will happen when they take the route you pick for them? Was it the right decision? Alternate routes is a new filming experience, where the audience are in control of the characters decisions.

Idea Two:

Google News. Ever wondered what was happening in, lets say, China RIGHT NOW? Well, google news is a new way to get information from around the world FAST. When you click on the website, the viewer is presented with a globe. From this, they can access any country in the world, where people will have uploaded the latest news and information from their mobiles. This site encourages young journalists to explore their country or area more, giving insightful, up to date news pieces.

Idea Three:

A treasure hunt society for fans of a certain film/book/TV series. Viewers will sign into the website, where a video will be aired at a certain time, this video will have clues of a location and object needed to be collected, which will be significant in the next video. Gives fans the chance to meet in person and share an experience about their favourite show.

Feedback from a lecturer on my 3 ideas

After looking at my 3 ideas, Pete felt the strongest was the last idea. He explained that idea 1, the alternate routes idea wouldn’t be feasible because in order for it to work, there would need to be several different outcomes, which would put production costs up too high:


As seen in the above image, it would mean having 12 different outcomes, just for 2 initial options the viewer would face, so there would be a total of 15 different filming narratives taking place.

The second idea felt like it was similar to other things already created, like YouTube meets Google Maps, it didn’t seem original or innovative enough.

Pete liked the third idea of a treasure hunt for fans, but felt it could be mixed with the first idea, of people solving the story and finding out more as they go, but more on their own terms and in their own time. He told me to look at Year Zero by the band Nine Inch Nails, and also look into Geocaching to develop my idea further.

My final idea is a treasure hunting, geocaching experience, but with a more modern twists. It will use different media platforms to tell a story over a period of real time. Players will meet at a certain location and will be given a clue. This clue will lead them to another location and will slowly start to reveal a story.

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