260 Brief Breakdown

  • A digital story that utilizes more than one media form (video, social media, interactive etc)
  • An Interactive Documentary (iDoc)


  • A Web Series
  • An experimental media installation
  • A game-based media experience
  • A ‘collaborative’/’open source’ film project

Meaning free distribution, so no fee or charge is made from the project. No profit.

  • A social media campaign
  • A community media initiative
  • A multi-media/viral media campaign
  • A transmedia storyworld

Fan based media, like Harry Potter story world, where the fans create art, trailers and a world behind the books and films.

  • A digital publishing innovation (such as an Interactive Tablet Magazine or Interactive Book)
  • An innovative use of technology such as a demonstrator or prototype for a new product or service
  • An idea for an interactive television programme
  • An innovative use of the ‘second screen’ or a Smart TV application idea
  • An innovation in the distribution of media
  • Development of a demonstrator and business model for a future media product, service or experience

From this list I have discovered the ideas that pop out most to me area:

  • A digital story that utilises more then one media form (video, social media, interactive etc)
  • A game-based media experience
  • A community media initiative
  • A transmedia storyworld

What I need to hand in:

  1. Your Innovation (a prototype, pilot episode, website, iDoc, product, a film showing your innovation in situ at an exhibition etc)
  2. Blog posts demonstrating your creative and critical research and development, analysis, evaluation and reflection (see below). This should include:
  • Research and Development
  • Analysis
  • Evaluation
  • The Business Plan/Marketing Plan/Future development plan for your innovation

How I achieve this:

1. Knowledge of the historical contexts that have shaped the media landscape (cultural, social, economic, technical). Awareness of issues that effect the digital media landscape. This might include:

    • The changing role of audience and authorship in digital media
    • Different processes of production
    • New research methods and opportunities with digital media.
  • Creative and Technical Research into your chosen area (showing the prototyping and development process)
  • Audience Development and Testing (focus groups, surveys, audience feedback)

2. Analyse the impact of innovations in your chosen area of work. Who are the major players in this area? What has been their impact on the digital landscape? What are the potential critiques and problems inherent within their work? Does it cause any wider socio-cultural impacts. Show how this fits into the development of your own work

3. Demonstrate ability to experiment and innovate using a variety of media production techniques and skills. Provide evaluation and reflection of the above

4. Show evidence that you understand and adhere to professional production practices in the creation of your work. Provide evidence of using of a range of technical craft skills. Produce work to the required length. Ensure clarity of communication, both in terms of structure and in terms of its clarity. Good Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar are essential.

5. Ensure that the assignment is referenced correctly using the Harvard referencing system

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