262 – Blog task 8

Blog Task 8 – “The future is…”

Television has moved on so quickly in the last 20 years. We have gone from Video Tapes, to DVD’s, to Blu Ray’s. From 5 channels, to 100+ channels, to HD channels and to 3D channels, and I think this is something that is going to continue to progress for a very long time. As well as this, the TV viewing experience has completely changed.

Audience members have become more active, with online websites to access and exclusive content to discover. If I could invent any new technology to enhance this viewing experience, I would invent something along the lines of the Xbox Kinect, or Nintendo Wii. These “games” use sensors to track where a person is in a room and follow them, so gaming becomes a lot more active and involved. The Kinect also has a voice sensor, so when a person says “Xbox play” a DVD will play, this is the same with stop, pause, rewind and fast forward. Another way the Xbox has been so successful is because of the way it interacts with other websites and organisations. Xbox can be used to play DVDs, Games, music and stream live from the internet, it has now been linked with Skype, and has a split screen feature, so music can be played whilst gaming, or Skyping can be done whilst playing music. “Split your screen, not your time” Xbox.

This interactive type of thinking has started to move into TV and Film, Rides.tv is an interactive website with short films of all genres, which allows viewers to become part of the storyline. You can register for free and enter your phone number and email address, and as the story goes along, your phone will actually ring and you will have to answer it, and you will get an email. This automatically sounds more exciting and interesting then watching a normal film or television channel and I don’t think it will be long before this becomes a mainstream television format.

So, expanding on this idea, if I could create my own new idea to make television more exciting and involving, I would invent a whole “viewing booth,” which is basically set up in a living room and offers a whole new, enclosed viewing experience, with vibrating chairs, surround sound, 3D television and interactive moments. The vibrating chairs will act as 4D viewing, they will move and shake when action happens in the film or television programme being watched, levels can be adjusted on these to specific requirements, this is like the Xbox controllers vibrating when being shot or shooting etc. The surround sound will add to the experience and also make you feel like part of the action, as will the 3D. My invention would be 3D without having to wear the glasses, as they can become very irritating. The interactive moments would be moments like that of the ride.tv experience, with phone calls played through speakers in the chairs, close to the head. Emails and texts would come up on the television and open as a split screen, so the film can still be watched while the email or text is being read. There would also be the Kinect talking, where you can pause, play, rewind, select or fast forward the film or programme, so everything would be controlled by voice, meaning there is no need for a remote.  My idea is basically combining all the new revolutions in the television and gaming world, to create one massively new, different and interesting viewing experience.

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