262 – Blog task 7

Blog task 7

The point of a TV website is to give audience members more of a behind the scenes look at the TV show. They include exclusive content, small clips, which are usually just a few minutes long, and interactive/downloadable content, such as the Mask Of Sorrow on the Celebrity Juice website.

YouTube channels are slightly different to this, they’re based mainly on the videos that go onto the channel, these are usually a few minutes long, with maybe one produced each week. They also have a comments section, so they are more interactive with their audiences in this way; the audience can voice their opinion and either like or dislike the video, whereas on a TV show website, this is less common. This can be seen on Jenna Marbles site in the Discussion section.

Both of these sites are more self directed, with the viewer picking which clip they want to watch and when they want to watch it. This is completely different to the TV experience, where the viewer watches a programme when it is aired and for the length of time it is on for, without much control on when they can watch said programme.

The main difference between TV website’s and YouTube channels are that the TV sites have pages on presenters, the team and extra behind the scenes videos whereas a YouTube channel only has videos, which mostly run on a weekly basis. All other background information is on a separate site/blog to the person’s channel.

This makes both sites interactive but in very different way. TV sites are mainly interactive because of the Facebook and Twitter feeds, and the behind the scenes clips of the TV show, whereas YouTube channels are interactive through the way the audience can leave their mark on a certain video or channel.

Another difference between the two sites is that TV shows are paid for in the planning stages of the production, with big expensive sets and celebrities and presenters, whereas YouTube video’s have to work hard to make funny, unique work and get funding for this work to continue much later on in the process.

TV websites offer a nice background to the show and give you more exclusive information, they work well because of this. Viewers always want to see and know more, so this gives them that opportunity to explore.

YouTube channel’s work because they give you a quick burst of entertainment each week, which keeps you hooked and wanting to watch more. It’s also a great way to showcase everything in a small amount of time, so if people like what you do, they will subscribe, whereas, because TV shows are longer, it gives you longer to form an opinion on them.

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 21.12.06

YouTube channels could be improved by having some more exclusive content, the users could make behind the scenes videos of how they created and made the weekly uploads.  These could be uploaded in between the weekly videos. I don’t think YouTube channels should start interacting with Facebook and Twitter like TV websites do as this would take away from the YouTube experience and make it like any other site.

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 21.11.47

TV show websites could be improved by being more eye-catching. There is either too much going on on the websites or not enough. Take the Celebrity Juice website as an example, the home page is very bland, with a plain white background, and small brick wall detail at the top of the page. For such an outrageous show, it would make sense for the website to follow suite.

Jenna Marbles YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9gFih9rw0zNCK3ZtoKQQyA

Celebrity Juice: http://www.itv.com/celebrityjuice

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