262 – Blog Task 6

Working Title: Manipulation

Air time: 8:30pm – 9:00pm

Weekend show

Channel: ITV

Target Audience: Students or families

 4 contestants, one saboteur. 2 goals. Let’s play Manipulation!

The Hook: The viewers at home pick a saboteur; their job is to manipulate the game by trying to make the team lose. Can the rest of the team guess who the saboteur is? Or will a team member pick the wrong person? No one is safe and no one can be trusted. There will be 3 rounds, a person going out in each with 2 contestants left at the end to battle for the winning prize.

The Presenter: The presenter will be needed in the studio to introduce the show and interact with the contestants in a live setting. The presenter will also demonstrate how each task will be played through the use of VT’s.

The Look: We’re going with a rustic, abandoned warehouse type look, to add some tension and shadows to the programme. Deception and manipulation are quite dark themes so this will tie in very nicely. We wanted quite a cold metallic looking backdrop, with dark lighting and a grey floor.

The Formula: The saboteur idea has not really been looked at before. The point of our show is to test human relationships and see how far people will go to win through deception, manipulation and sabotage.

Audience participation: After every round/task the studio audience will vote for who they want to be the next saboteur. The person with the most votes will be picked after an add break. The audience at home can also get involved by looking at ten contestants on our website and voting for the 4 they want to be in the show. Again, the ones with the most votes will play the game the following week.

No game shows of today play people against each other. It fits in with today’s society by the human interaction, people like watching people turn against each other and seeing how people react in certain situations. There will be audience interaction through the studio “panel” who will vote on who they want to be the next saboteur and also there will be chances for the audience at home to vote in on who they want the contestants of the next week’s show to be. This means the audience have a large say in the show, with a little help from us. It is very much up to them who is involved in the show and who they think would make a good saboteur.

Because our show can only be 10 minutes long, we have decided to just take one section of the show and produce that, so it will be as if the programme has just started, and will end when they go to an advert break. This means we will only ever have 4 contestants and no one will really win the show, because the end of the show will never be played. This also means we will need to think of only a few tasks to complete in this time.

Some ideas of the tasks we could use:

  • The three contestants have to follow riddles and minor instructions to reach a goal in 20 minutes. The saboteur will try to stop them from reaching that goal, if they don’t reach the goal. This could be done through answering riddles wrong or just slowing down the other competitors
  • There are 12 boxes, 6 containing the keys they need to unlock a safe. They will pick one box at a time until they have picked six boxes, if they don’t get 3 of the keys they fail. So the saboteur wants them not to pick the right boxes. which will be red or have a yellow bow for example
  • Task involves hitting upside-down cups with a hammer. Some of these cups had paint bombs in them – you have 9 or 12 cups and you can’t get more than 3 paint bombs or the team loses (saboteur knows where the paint bombs are)
  • Have 5 seconds to answer a question, if you answer wrong the person next to you gets gunged. If 2 or more get gunged then you have failed the game.

VT’s: We will use VT’s  to demonstrate each round, with the help of our presenter. There will be a VT as the saboteur is picked, with 4 split screens and one lighting up, which will be the person that is picked to sabotage the show. We will also show VT’s throughout the first task of the different contestants in their homes to add a bit of a background to our players.

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