262 – Blog Task 5


Reviewing our radio show. 

Our radio show was a game show about facts on Coventry. The format was to have different themes each week – all relating to Coventry in some way – and have the listeners call in with a guess on what they thought the show for the next week would be. The one to get this right would come down to the studio the following week and take part in our show. Originally we planned to do 5 rounds, which got condensed to 3.

The radio section of the module was really fun as I had not really had much experience in this area, unfortunately however, the 4 weeks went very quickly and it was hard at first to come up with a good idea that would work as a format. Once we had our idea nailed, it was a race against time to get it scripted and recorded.

I think the piece was well research, with a lot of information and facts on the area of Coventry, it stuck to the brief of “Undiscovered Coventry” very well. We could have worked on our presenting style by taking more time on each question and making it more tense by asking the contestant how confident they were with their answer and adding a bit more of a conversation element. This would have been more clear if we had done some extra research into other radio shows that have game shows, like Radio 1’s Real or No Real.

I also think the show lacked some sound effects, which could have been added over the questions, we could have played clips of music by certain artists mentioned, such as Chuck Berry’s My Ding a Ling, this would have just lifted the piece and made it a bit more exciting and involved. We could have added a running song all the way through the show the keep up the tempo. The sound effects we did use worked well, like the call in section, with the Dr Who theme tune and Jonathan Ross introducing Clive Owen, I feel we just needed to add more of this to get give the show some detail.

The show was technically sound, with audio levels set correctly and well edited to get rid of any odd sounds that may have appeared during recording. The format is also workable on all local radio stations, and would be easily transferable to Coventry and Warwickshire.

These are all things I will take in to consideration and things that can also apply to our TV show. I feel I have developed my confidence and script writing abilities, presenting is not something I particularly enjoy so this was a perfect chance for me to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. The script writing was a challenge but I did enjoy doing this, so this might be something I consider when thinking about our TV show.

Once we had showed our radio show to our lecturers and peers, we received some feedback:

“Good use of music clips in order to introduce your theme. You could make more of your questions and responses, sound effects could be used to build the tension rather than a quick correct or incorrect. Perhaps you could ask the contestant to grade how confident they are. Overall though Good levels throughout, good research and a workable format. Well done” Paul Adkins

“Nice upbeat intro and the undiscovered format is clearly outlined. Lots of preproduction evidenced –all the questions and music clips have been well researched. Daisy holds the proceedings together well. A good mix of rounds. The questions were on the hard side – these would work for local radio. Good use of quiz callers  interactive. This is a traditional quiz representation for higher marks it needed to show more innovative ideas to engage a more tech savvy audience. Lots of research has gone into this piece. Good standard quiz format. Great title was expecting it to be used more the show. Well done.” Karen Arrand

We will now take this feedback into consideration and make alterations to the show, for the final hand-in on the 5th December.


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