262 – Blog Task 3

Blog Task 3

The Gimme Gimme Game Show:

Our radio show is a fun game show about odd or unknown facts on Coventry.


The Gimme Gimme Game show is a 5-7 minute quick paced fact game show. The show will be based in the Coventry area with new and interesting facts each week, which will all follow the same theme. The programme will have a different contestant each week, who will compete in the game to win prizes! The contestant’s job is to guess whether the fact we read out is a genuine fact or if it’s made up. There will be a selection of different sound files, which will back the facts asked in each round.

Genre and Characters

The show is in a game show format, with prizes, a main presenter and a contestant. When each question is asked, there will be sound files playing in the background, either a certain song or effect to add emphasis to the questions.

As well as a main presenter, there will be an assistant presenter, who will offer extra information and read out the scores at the end of each round. There will be a few phone-in’s to guess the theme of the next week’s show, one of those phone-in’s will be the contestant. There will be a short, informal interview at the beginning of the show with the contestant so the audience can learn a bit about the person.

Pace, Mood and Style

This show will be broadcast during the early evening, around 5pm, for the journey home. It would be perfect for BBC Coventry and Warwickshire due to the local theme, which could be adapted weekly or even daily. The target audience would be quite varied due to the topics covered in the show, but we are aiming for a young audience of 18-24 year olds in the local area. This will get the younger generation interested in local radio.

The pacing of the show will be quick to add tension and excitement, both for the contestant and the listeners, with fast paced music and ticking sounds between questions. This will make the show upbeat and fun, taking away the serious competition element. The show is quite easy to grasp, and has a simple structure, which will be easy to adapt weekly. This will make it easier for listeners to pick on, even if they have missed the first half of the show, or last week’s show.

This show is something completely targeted at a new audience, with exciting content, a wonderful presenter and different contestants and content each week.

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