262 – Blog Task 2

Blog Task 2

There are a lot of different views about radio’s future. Some people believe that podcasts and internet music sites like Spotify and also Youtube are taking over the radio scene and taking up listeners, but this isn’t strictly true. “Recent RAJAR results showed an increase in the number of radio listeners, reaching an all time high. Today radio reaches 92% of the UK population 787,000 more listeners than a year ago.” Richards, E (2011). So this means that peoples’ perceptions on radio aren’t true. Radio has had to move forward with new technologies in order to survive. It can now be accessed online and through mobile apps, this is how radio has survived for so long and, I think, will continue to survive for years to come, if not in a slightly different format. “So many technology and media companies are working on things that will make up the future of what we today call radio.” Titlow, J P. (2012).
The BBC has looked into making Radio 1 a TV channel, which can be accessed on the BBC iPlayer, on demand and on catch up. This may sound like Radio is just merging into TV, therefore radio is going to become extinct, but this is still a unique viewing experience for audiences and is specific to radio and music. “Content on the new channel will include music from Radio 1’s Live Lounge and the annual Big Weekend festival, as well as interviews with stars.” Sweney, M. (2013). There are also a lot of online radio sites, such as Stitcher Radio, which “blends terrestrial broadcasts with popular podcasts to let users build a highly personalized, lean-back radio experience.” Titlow, J P. (2012). It also streams local radio stations, making it easier to access radio at different points throughout the house and the day.
So what is the future for local radio? Well, without commercial radio, there is no local radio. Local radio is key for audience interaction and community spirit. “Without local, you’re back to networked shows that have less relevance to the listener, you’re back to the music and you’re back to the hundreds of alternatives.”  Andrews, G. (2008). Local radio is such a key part to the radio world. It offers detailed information about a specific area. An important part of this is content, not only music and conversation, but breaking local news… The challenge, therefore, is not for radio to change its core characteristics. Instead, it is to innovate and adapt to new technology, to new markets and above all to the changing pattern of consumer and listener behaviour.” Richards, E. (2011).
Changing radio is hard, because listeners like the way radio works today. Radio has a lot of older listeners, especially local radio, and so for them, this is something that has been prominent in their lives for a long time, and is also something that doesn’t appear to need to be changed. “Changing radio, for the BBC is the thing you get the biggest audience reaction against” Klaveren, A V. (2012).
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