260 – Task 2

Task 2:

7/10/13 This weeks Obstructions:

  • You only have 6 shots at 10 seconds each
  • You must try to evoke a particular emotion:
  • One of your shots should contain the use of one point perspective
  • One of your shots must be influenced by a Photographer/Cinematographer
  • It must not be within 500 metres of the university.
  • You must think creatively about the title of your work
  • You can use natural sounds only. No music.

Thought process:

I looked at some Vimeo videos by simply typing in “Cinematography” and found the videos below: Move – Rick Mereki – This is a video of a guy standing in different places around the world and gradually moving closer to the camera. He then moves off in different directions but always in a different place. It is edited nicely with the music. I like this idea because it shows how different locations can effect us as people. I would love to do something along this line but as I only have 6 shots, each at 10 seconds I don’t think this would work very well and is something I might recreate in another project. Dark Side of the Lens – Astray Films – I love how this video looked and made me feel, you could see the dedication and thought he had put into each shot so I thought I would look at other videos on the same Vimeo page: Esmeralda (Ben Howard) – Astray Films – At 3:57 there is a nice shot of a man standing alone at the top of a hill with the camera slowly moving backwards, it shows a vast empty space, which symbolises loneliness. Maybe this could be the emotion I create with my own work. This shot is one I would like to recreate but maybe with an object instead of a person. Old Pine – Astray Films – I liked all the wood scenes in this video, maybe a wood would be an ideal location to film. Looking at these videos made me start thinking about what type of emotion I wanted to portray in my piece, and felt that as the weather is quite downcast and cloudy this week, the best emotion to go with would be one that’s not particularly cheerful. I started to look at the idea of loneliness and re-watched the videos above, which kind of displayed this theme. I then typed the word “loneliness” into google images and this is the first page I saw: Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 17.37.38Most of the images above are in black and white or have a greyscale to them. They often show vast spaces, with one single person in the image. They often show people with their head on their knees. I like the first picture in the image above, but would prefer it without the person as I think the image on it’s own would have been a strong enough symbolisation of loneliness. I also like the second image on the second row down, which is in a one point perspective. I think this is a powerful image when trying to get across the emotion of loneliness because of how far away the person is from the camera, and how they are indistinguishable as a person.  There were also a lot of images of people on park benches, but this has been done so many times I am going to try and stay away from this in my own creation of this emotion. I came up with the idea of filming in a park that’s not really in use, is quite run down and unused and creating the emotion of loneliness here, maybe from a child’s perspective, so using very low angles and mostly hand held work. I know of a park very close to town, which fits this description perfectly and I now have a solid idea to work on and expand. I thought more about this idea and found that this kind of gave the back story of lost youth and growing up too quickly, maybe the playground is so abandoned because children want to grow up too quickly or are being forced to by the media and modern world. I then had a look at last year’s work and found this: Swings and Roundabouts – David Bird Which is very similar to my idea, I decided to not look any further into filming in a wood as a lot of the videos I saw seemed to be in woodland, I also think the weather isn’t going to be bright enough to get any decent footage, so I am sticking with the idea of filming in a children’s play park. I liked the second image in the video above and am going to create something similar to this in my video. I want my video to be in colour though as I feel black and white just over kills the idea. I also like the see-saw clip and was thinking of doing something similar but with a round-a-bout. I wasn’t keen on the girl being in the last clip and I don’t want any human contact with my video as I think this will emphasise the thought on being alone, the camera is the person in my piece and I want the audience to feel like they are the ones at the park on their own.

– opening scene in harry potter, 1:20 nice shot of round-a-bout. something I had in mind.
 – Blue colouring is nice, night time – don’t have resources to film then. 1:16 – swings start moving – feeling of loneliness, afraid… Whole scene kind of what I want to create but less frightful and more lonely.


I looked again at the lecture slides from Mondays lecture and found the one point perspective video, which led me to look at John Alcott, who was the director of photography for The Shining, Clockwork Orange and half of 2001: A Space Odyssey. I liked all the one point perspective shots he had used in his work. I thought I could use his style for my inspired shot and also my one point perspective shot, after thinking about it in more depth, I feel his cinematic style is right for the emotion I am trying to portray, as The Shining was all about a man trapped in a building alone, which drove him to insanity. http://film-grab.com/category/john-alcott/ http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0005633/bio My final video: https://vimeo.com/76821916

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